How to fill a silo ?

1. Open the top centre lid

2.Close Manhole lid and outlet – if sealed silo, fit sealed clamp on bottom hatch to outlet

3.Ensure auger is empty

4.Move auger into the centre fill hole

Commence filling, ensuring that auger is not resting on the silo.

How to unload the silo?

1.Open top centre fill

2.Start auger

3.Open outlet to the desired rate determined by the size and speed of the auger

4.Once the required amount of product is withdrawn from the silo, close the outlet,allowing the auger to empty.

5.Close top centre fill after completion

What is critical safety maintenance?

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1.Top inlet gasket – 2.4 long, 12mm thick, 19-25mm wide.
2.Manhole gasket – 1.8m long, 12mm thick, 19-25mm wide.
3.Outlet slide – 3.5mm insertion rubber

What are Operation and Maintenance (Not an exhaustive list)?

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– Most Common

Off-center unloading, loading, or spoiled/crusted grain due to higher moisture content

Corrosion – rusted walls or components

Lack of or improper maintenance

– Less Common

Improper aeration operation

How to solve event of a silo fire?

Consider the risk of fire gas/dust explosions

Close the silo to minimize air entrainment

Requisition nitrogen equipment

Inject nitrogen near the bottom of the silo

Requisition gas measuring equipment

Apply foam in silo headspace if necessary