Project Description

TDTG series elevator is bucket elevator used for vertical elevate transport powdery,granular,small piece material ,widely applied to oil.feed ,flour industrial. Compared with other series models. with a small size,beaufiful appearance,large transport capacity,sealing ,and can be self-sustaining. it is an ideal transportation equipment.

1.The life cope is wide .bucket elevator have less demanding on the type of materials and features. it can hoist the power ,granular and massive materials

2.Big capacity. the series of bucket elevator has a variety of specficatons .the lfit range is 10-800m3/h

3.Small power consumption .Use intensive layout of the large-capacity transportation. Chain speed medium , to enhance the amount of the capacity. so driving low energy consumption.

4.Long service life .

5.High hoisting height . this series of chain hoist speed moderate, smooth operation, and adopts the plate chain hight strengh wear sresitant. chain ,so can reach high hoisting height (up to 40-50m)

6.Good sealing, less environmental pollution

7.Operation , convenient maintenance , less wearing parts.

Structure includes: Bucket belt, head wheel ,bucket,head,booth, transporting wheel. tension device ,input bucket ,exiting mouth ,spile


The bucket elevator head . head wheel with rubber.

The grain bucket elevator head .head wheel with rubber.

The bucket elevator belt ( rubber belt or nylon belt)