Project Description

The equipment is widely used for ventilation and recoverable dust such as : metallurgy industry ,costing industry ,mine ,chemical industry,pharmaceutical industry. Construetion,material  industry and grain processing industry and so on

  1. The air stream containing dust passes through low box from air inlet parts of it deposit when Light particle dust is floated,it is retarded in the bag. The purified air penetrates the filtrating bag and passes into the up box through Venturi tube and exhausts from outlet.The accumulated powder dust on the outer wall of filtering bag is increased continuously.If the resistance reaches the limit range (in generally,it should be 80-120mmH2O),it is necessary to clean the accumulated powder dust.
  2. The clean method is as follows:controller touches off each control valve in Order.It makes the compressed air inside the gas bag sprays out through nozzles(the 1st wind).Using Venturi tube,several times of air around it(the 2nd wind)enters into the bag and makes the filtering bag expand rapidly at momentary and accompany and with the counter action of air stream.This makes the dust drop into dust gate and discharge outside the machine.

Mainly by the upper box ,the box ,ash bucket ,into the air flow tube,bracket filter bag and injection device,ash removal device and other components

  1. Comperessed air jet
  2. Clean air exhaust
  3. Filter rack
  4. Filter bag
  5. Air inlet
  6. Dust collector hopper
  7. Rotary material dischange valve
  8. Winos tube
  9. Supply air
  10. Pressure switch
  11. Diaphragm vale
  12. Auxiliay air control pipe
  13. Electromagetic valve
  14. Sequential controller.

1、the structure is simple, the body without moving power components, no special ancillary equipment,small footprint, manufacturing, installation and investment less.

2、operation, maintenance is simple, medium pressure loss, power consumption is not, operation,maintenance costs lower.

3、the operation of a greater flexibility, stable performance, free from dust concentration, temperature limits, the physical properties of the dust no special requirements.