Project Description

Food-based drag conveyor is light enmasse conveyor, on the basis of the single point into the material, but also more into and out of material. The drag conveyor is absorption of advanced technology at home and abroad ,combined with our company’ s many years of experience in the design of the transport machinery. With the machine life long, smooth operation , small size, large amount of transportation, lower energy consumption, low material damage rate. Widely used in food, grain and oil,feed and other industries and so on. Such as soybean,wheat, rice flour and so on. Can also be used to transport other dust-like, small particles and small pieces of small density of materials .

1. Stable running, low noise and long service life
2. Thread rod type take up (tensioner) can be fitted at the tail so as , to meet various conveying requirements;
3. Flexible for multi-point feeding and discharging;4. Equipped with an alarming device for material blockage;
5. Devices for speed loss and chain breakage .protection are optional;
6. Widely used in port, dock, grain depot and the malt, flour, brewery, feed and chemical industries forhorizontal bulk material conveying .