Project Description

Flat Silo introducation

Flat silo includes silo roof , manhole , roof handrail, vent , ladder ,silo body ,stiffener,silo door.

The silo top adopts umbrella frame and the frame material is made of C model straight carbon steel. the ceiling is made of galvanized steel tile plates. The silo top served with natural ventilation windows, manhole ,ladder ,safety guards.

The assemble silo is made of high quality hot-dip galvanizing steel plates are rolled into corrugation and  made in to standard connection holes. These plates are connected by high strength screw bolts . the silo plates thickness distribution is set according  to equal strength theory which make the silo plates bear average stress. The vertical friction is support by the silo stiffeners .these stiffeners are evenly vertically distributes in the silos.

The connection crew screw  bolts are served with round galvanized steel washers and the connecting hole are served with age resistant and water roof daub belts that are for with flat repairing doors .outside ladder, ladder guards rings.

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