Project Description


The insulation silos are used in the place where the temperature is large  difference between day and night ,to keep the constant temperature inside the silo .

Our Steel is hot galvanized steel sheets with insulated cotton and special insulated materials upon it .at the same time we have accessories such as cooling system for customer’s option. the silo products has a designed lifetime of 30-50 years.

Except the rice silo for paddy storage , it can store all kinds of grain , such as wheat corn ,soy bean ,sorghum,peanut ,feed etc.

Insulation silos are same with the steel silo, include the silo roof, silo body and silo bottom.

The insulated silo sheets include three layers:

The galvanized sheet inside,the yellow parts in the middle ,it is rock wool polyurethane forth, The white part outside layer , it is colorful steel sheet.

1.Thermal insulation

Grain temperature change gradient inside silo is lower than that outside,thus not likely to have condensation of moisture.

2.Safe grain storage

Storing in a low temperature, increase the grain storage stability ,keeps the grain quality and prolongs the safe storage period

3.Low fabrication cost

With installing an insulation  layer polyurethane forth , rubber single,glass fiber etc. on the outer wall, insulation silo can have a low fabrication cost compared to concrete silo.