Project Description

Granula powder materials and the magnetic metal inclusions will become circular material ring around the magnet dump inside ,the magnetic metal inclusions will be adsorbed on the surface of the permanent magnet magnetic plate since the magnetization of the magnetic field.the other granular powder will through the magnetic filed ,the out of the machine through the outlet on the bottom. so as to achieve the purpose of separation.

it is widely used in grain processing plant.

High-Quality stainless steel non-magnetic cylinder,beautiful appearance.The equipment is equipped with two strong magnetic field area greater than 3500 gaussian magnetic tower.The magnetic of the magnetic field surface in uniformtity, ensure that the separation effect of screeningThe magnetic tower is fixed on the door and rotates with the magnetic separator door for easy cleaning.High-performance permanent magnets after special arrangemetn. iron removal efficiency >=99%

Permanent magnet body diameter:ø120 ø150 ø200 ø250 ø300 (mm)

Capacity (T/H)