Project Description

Adjustable angle binoculars TQLY cleaning machine is a new type of clean-up equipment that our company introduced, which is widely used in food, starch, oil, alcohol and other industries. It is mainly used for food or fuel particles with different impurity particle size (by volume differently than grain meal size) principle, corn, soybeans, wheat, rice and other impurities in the raw grain, after the rotating screen cylinder continuous screening, the greater than inner mesh of the hybrid and smaller than the outer mesh of small miscellaneous isolated from two different exit out. In monocular state it can also be used for screening soybean meal, soybean meal blocking the bulk through continuous rotation, making the soybean meal block decreasing, while the standard can not be separated bulk meal separated.

When cleaning, the material from the feed manifold 2 (see cleaning sieve structure diagram), the front end of gravity to the sieve 3, the material being cleaned while rotating in the role of the inclination and of the screen cylinder towards the end of the sieve 6 Flow . In this case, less than the mesh material and small miscellaneous drain falls outside on a screen, larger than the mesh of big impurities are separated flow along the inner sieve to end 6, fall into the hybrid collection tank 7, from the hybrid outlet 8 discharge. Similarly, smaller than the outer mesh of small impurities leak landed small miscellaneous collection tank 11, small miscellaneous outlet 12. After further clean the outer sieve material flows from the outer end of the 5 collection tank sieve 9, from a net food outlet 10 through conduit warehousing,cleaning process dust discharged by the fan 4 by the device upper part of the dust outlet.

1.The machine uses double cylindrical screen cylinder, fitted at the feed end of the following roller means for supporting the screen cylinder and adjust the angle of the screen cylinder.the other end is equipped with univerial joint coupling mechanism  in any case change the angle of the screen cylinder, without affecting the original design speed. the machine adopts cycloidal reduce gear reduce ,safe reliable ,long life.

2.The device yield , high efficiency equipped with screen cylinder angle adjustable means for changing the flow rate of the cylinder material ,so that the yield and purification effect has been the best match

1. When using the device, the screen rotation direction of the tube to the same direction and the arrow logo,
2. Before using the machine to check whether there is damage to the components and loosening, and the reducer and other rotating parts oiling or lubricating before boot after treatment to prevent failure due to poor lubrication, and adjust according to varieties and production of raw materials tilt angle.
3. Before starting the machine device to make it idle, no abnormality was continued for 30 minutes, no problem idling allowed only after feed production.
4, To clean up promptly on the screen sieve body, joints and motor shaft outer end wound plastic rope and other debris (The machine must be shut down before cleaning and guardianship staff)
5. The equipment should be regularly checked and maintained, the universal joints should be noted to a calcium-based grease each quarter, the roller bearings should be raised calcium-based grease once a month.

Wearing parts list

Double drum pre cleane that our company produced has one year warranty with customer normal using . and of wearing parts in the table below the time to provide free ,detailed as foolw