Project Description

Suction separator for food processing, feed, medicine, flour,alcohol and other industries . It used to clean up the dust from grain. has the characteristics of compact structure, simple operation, high dust removal efficiency and convenient maintenance. The equipment performance is stable and reliable,  it can achieve continuous ,production, without special care, labor intensity is small, conducive to a wide range of applications, it not only for food purification, but also used in other industries for the separation of light impurities in the purification process.

The equipment includes the rack, the cabinet, the inlet, the outlet, the dust outlet and the suction inlet etc.

In order to decouple the sucked debris speed in the sedimentation bucket, the machine add the air flow plate in the sedimentation bucket, can be used to prevent the settling velocity and time.

The shell is designed as a cylindrical shape, the bulk material pieces are designed as an umbrella-shaped bulk plate, the material channel under the bulk plate is rounded, and the outer shell of the circular material channel is provided with rounded air inlet, the sedimentation bucket with suction pipe is located in the middle of the cylindrical shell. Corresponding to the air flow plate is round, can be fixed on the umbrella plate.

In order to ensure a better purification effect, we c