Project Description

Monitoring system for grain storage is very important factor to make sure the grain safety in silos. The best way to keep grain safety in silos is controlling the temperature situtation ,inside the silo.

The monitoring system is a new technology used for grain storage,its a technology “four in one” in grain storage, the other three technologies are circulation fumigation, grain cooling, mechnical ventilation,
The monitoring system is a combination of computer hardware and software, it implements the computer detection and warning of storage grain,
The hardware part is mainly composed of temperature cables, temperature extension,temperature measurement points lines machine, humidity sensors, humidity point line ,communication card (communication management machine), printer and PC (computer), and .other equipments. The system hardware adopts modular structure, combination is verytlexible and convenient. System software is also convenient and flexible, customers don’ I have to modify the program code, only through the system settings interface, it can designany type silos, set any location information and all kinds of control parameters this can make the system suitable for different requirements of grain silos,