Project Description

The machine is suitable for cleaning grain materials,for food ,chemiacal,paper,ceramics,coatings,pharmaceutical and other industries. Different types of materials can be cleaned by equipped with screens of different diameters.Since the eccentric drive of the machine is in the center of the machine, the entire screen can be rotated in a pure plane so that the dame screening effect is obtained on each part of the screen surface . the machine drive is simple.only one belt will connect the belt wheel of min . with a clean-up sieve frame makes the screen to be effectively cleaned .thus ensuing the screening efficiency and screening quality.

The machine mainly consists of several parts: Frame , screen body,outlet box,eccentric drive device, motor and universal joint suspension boom.

Working principle: at the center of the machine sieve body eccentric device can make the whole screen for pure plane rotary motion ,so it ensure that the entire screen surface to obtain the same screening effect. As the machine eccentric transmission with our gear box, reduce the lubrication and fault point, the machine vibration frequency is set to 300r/min ,The usual vibration sieve vibration frequency is set 150 to 180 r/min High frequency of rotating vibration makes the screening efficiency,screening quality ,yield has been greatly improved.

Vibrating screen ,large sieve area ,large amplitude to achieve large output,clean grain effective.if maintenance is timely,  it almost no need  maintenance. Such as cleaning corn ,12mm pore size ,can reach more than 80T, and the lower layer dose not block the sieve. Vibrating the screen generally higher  than the upper layer of 16mm hole ,if not ,the lower layer is easy to plug the sieve ,the amplitude is small, clean up the area is small ,so the output is small ,the effect is poor.

  1. Before using the machine to check whether there is damage to the components and loosening ,and the reduce and other rotating parts oiling or lubricating before boot after treatment to prevent failure due to poor lubrication ,and adjust according to varieties and production of raw materials tilt angel.
  2. Before staring the machine device to make it idle, no abnormality was continued for 30 minutes, no problem idling allowed only after feed production.
  3. The equipment should be regularly checked and maintained , the universal joints and motor shaft outer end wound plastic rope and other debris the machine must be shut down before cleaning and guardianship staff.
  4. The equipment should be regularly checked and maintained ,the universal joints should be noted to a calcium base grease each quarter ,the roller bearings should be raised calcium based grease once a month.