Assembling steel silos has an increasing market share, and its storage time factory has a good storage effect, which makes it more and more popular. Therefore, the assembly technology of the steel silo has become a hot spot.

The importance of the assembly process of the steel silo is self-evident. Whether it is the manufacturer or the user, the assembly process is very important. The good assembly technology can extend the service life of the steel silo and reduce the failure rate of the supporting equipment! In order to illustrate the importance of the assembly process, we first understand the classification of steel silos. In the years of development of steel silos in China, they can be divided into two categories according to the location: one is the indoor warehouse, mainly placed in the workshop. The main one is the square warehouse, the second is the outdoor warehouse, mainly the original warehouse, the indoor warehouse is limited by the height of the factory, but at the same time the material storage requirements are relatively high, the outdoor warehouse is much more flexible, and the supporting height is not subject to limit.

According to the processing technology, the steel silo is mainly divided into four categories:

  1. Welding warehouse, the process is simple and the material is ordinary, it is the lowest price among several types, but the quality and service life are not guaranteed.
  2. Assembly warehouse, assembly process, galvanized sheet material, is the mainstream development trend of steel silo, advanced technology and long service life
  3. Lipu type, also called bite-type or coil-type steel silo, different from the assembly warehouse is the use of galvanized sheet flat, with a rolling plate mechanical integral molding, the warehouse type is good, but the overall quality is uncontrollable, If a part of the warehouse is deformed, it is not easy to repair!

More useful information about the steel silo, we will continue to share later.