At present, the most commonly used type of steel silo is a fabricated steel silo, which is a steel silo that is assembled by high-strength bolts after mechanical rolling and molding into a corrugated sheet. Corrugated wall panels are mostly produced by roll forming process and mass production by mechanical forming lines.

  1. All steel silos are made of high quality hot-dip galvanized sheet. All the components are standard components. In the process of designing, manufacturing, installing and using the steel silo, the relevant national standards are strictly observed.

  2. It has the characteristics of fast installation and small investment.

  3. Te height and diameter of the steel silo can be selected in a large range and the adaptability is strong. The maximum capacity of the silo type can reach 10,000 tons/storage.

  1. In the normal use process, if the grain in the warehouse causes the temperature to rise to the critical point due to high water content, the supporting temperature measurement system will promptly sound and light alarm, telling you that there is danger in a certain part of the grain, ventilation should be carried out. Cool down.

  2. The diameter of the steel silo can be arbitrarily selected between 2.7 and 32 m. Assembled steel silos are widely used in grain, oil, chemical, brewing, pharmaceutical, food, cement, coal and other industries!

The steel silo greatly increases the storage time of raw materials, reduces the storage risk, reduces the investment cost of customers, and becomes the most popular storage method.