President:George Jia

“The measure of a person’s success is not how high the mountain you climbed, but how big your rebound is when you fall to the bottom. Because everyone can’t guarantee success forever, career and family can’t guarantee happiness forever.

When you are in trouble, especially when you fall to the bottom, you can stand up again, this is the greatest success.”

Our Team

We have a well-established pre-sales service team and a future service team.

Sophia Liu

General manager

“Quality is the best guarantee for maintaining customer loyalty.”


  • Australia 14-1000T Wheat Silo

  • Australia 300T Feed Silo

  • New Zealand 5-1000T

  • Egypt 200T Corn Silo

Henry Li

International sales manager

“Understand customers and meet their needs. If you don’t understand the customer’s needs, it’s like walking in the dark, and you can’t see the results in vain.”


  • Cango 2-500T Corn Silo

  • Ethiopia 3-500T Cotoon Seeds Silo

  • South Africa 5-1250T Wheat Silo

  • Haiti 2-200T Corn Silo

  • Ukraine 4-10000T Corn Silo

Sally Fan


“All glory is fleeting, and only fighting spirit is eternal.”


  • Pakistan 3-200T Paddy Silo

  • Philippines 200T Corn Silo

  • Kazakhstan 2-400T Corn Silo

  • Korea 3-500T Corn Silo

  • Cambodia 600T soybean Silo

  • Bangladesh 3-1000T Soybean Silo

Alice Liu

Domastic sales manager

“Nothing is as contagious as enthusiasm, it can touch the stone, it is the essence of sincerity.”


  • Myanmar 10-100T Rice Silo

  • Vietnam 4-250T Rice Silo

  • China Hebei 2-2000T Corn Silo

  • Saudi Arabia 2-250T Corn Silo

Zhenguo Wu

Chief engineer

“Machinery is a soul, a guy who ignores the mechanical soul, not worthy of being a mechanic.”


  • Feed Silo

  • Hopper Bottom Silo

  • Insulation Silo

  • Four Silo

  • Cement Silo